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binglybongly productions is an organisation of open-minded people joining their dreams, ideas, skills and connections in order to create a single identity. We are organising quality, varied and innovative events and products, and have an extensive network of contributors. Our artistic identity is more to do with the atmosphere and the mood it creates than with its style.

Our ultimate aim is to design and produce high quality music compilations, but until we've become more widely known, we're concentrating on staging events where we can introduce people to the kinds of music we'll include on our CDs.

A major part of our project is to provide information and help to those who are experiencing stress or illness, and to offer advice (via the web site and events), as part of a 'prevention rather than cure' philosophy.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that music can have a significant effect on our emotional and physical well-being.

While we're developing the events and the web site, we are in the (lengthy) process of designing fluid and exciting music collections reminiscent of different and changing positive emotional expressions. They make fascinating audio journeys which contain the music of some of the best artists from all over the world.

Life is stressful.

binglybongly productions was set up to help alleviate, through uplifting music, the stresses associated with modern living. Some music has the ability to alter your mood in a positive way, which can help you to deal with seemingly overwhelming problems. Good music touches everyone - we would like to make it easier for you to hear the interesting and upbeat music we believe can improve the quality of life.

You have probably visited a record store looking for music and been faced with so many choices that you simply can’t decide what to buy. So many products compete for your attention with highly sophisticated marketing and a plethora of alternatives that unless you know what you want in advance, you can be disappointed with your decisions.

We think that there is an opportunity to widen the appeal of specialist music and reach a much larger audience, cutting through the coded language and jargon of music marketing.


Our ideology is based on the combination of our core values – quality, openness and enthusiasm. Our purpose – the company’s fundamental reason for existing beyond just making money – is to promote better living through uplifting, upbeat music.

We have adopted an ethical approach to business and our impact on the planet and society, which means that our products will be made using environmentally and socially responsible methods.

A percentage of our turnover will be dedicated to educational ventures associated with better living. We have no connections with any religious or political organisations and no agenda other than the well-being of our contributors and customers.

The people involved with binglybongly productions wish to put more meaning into their lives through the nature of the work they are involved in. This is achieved through self expression and the realisation of creative ideas within a safe, artistic and friendly environment.

The company structure is as flat as possible. The central core is small, with a naturally evolving shape.

Decisions are made collectively among the management team. The interaction within the group and on a larger scale, between anyone taking part in the activities is based on a real, natural, open and organic communication.

We believe that working on this basis creates powerful events with a unique atmosphere.

Our approach

We are confident that we already have enough people to support our projects, since we have been successfully organising events for several years. Our enthusiasm and energy will help us to grow in a steady, organic way, with additional support and contact through the web and using email.

We are using our existing network to build a community spirit, with regular updates to the web sites and bulletin board.

We are organising events and partnerships to help establish the company. We are making use of our wide contact base to maximise our impact, to experiment with venues, and to develop contacts within arts and community organisations, etc.

We are currently developing an outreach program in South London, an educational section for our web site, an internet radio station, as well as various freebies in the form of games, competitions and screensavers etc.


Events, some of which may be collaborative, feature DJs, percussion, live acoustic and electronic music of diverse genres, performance art and installations, visual arts, food, and some trading stalls.

The main focus of the company is the production and distribution of music compilations. Other activities consist mainly of events principally in London but with the aim of becoming mobile and transferable.
Launch parties and other happenings will initially be organised in indoor venues and later in outdoor locations.

The people involved are instrumental in creating products which have a long shelf life. New areas of activity will develop organically with the growth of the project. We are building a company which can be relied upon to satisfy the wishes of its customers, and to design associated events and merchandise to a high standard. It is also FUN to do.

The web site includes a discussion forum, a wellbeing section, points of contact with the company, a listening post and trading point for the binglybongly music label. There will also be a database of members, friends and audiences, an area where collaborators will be featured and a communication vehicle from which the company will reach a larger audience nationally and internationally.

Other events also use the binglybongly identity and resources.

Please contact info@binglybongly.net if you would like to make any comments about the project, or if you would like to get involved.

Your details won't be used for any other purpose, nor will they end up on anyone else's mailing list!


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