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Having a party soon?

If so, we can make your job a lot easier.

You may have heard of binglybongly productions, as we have created environments within indoor festivals, provided music for private parties and corporate events, and we've also staged numerous events in venues around London, like the critically acclaimed music arena at the Shoreditch Carnival & Car Free Day 2004.

We've been organising innovative indoor and outdoor events for almost four years, so why not let us do the same for your event? We can transform any environment into a magical arena with amazing decor and mesmerising visuals, and we can provide music tailored to your requirements, from ambient background music to dance and party music for all audiences.

Let binglybongly productions help with your plans so that you can concentrate on sending out invitations and making sure there's enough grub :)

If you like the idea of our designing an event for you with a fresh approach to music and decor, please call Jon Tubmen on 07774 211 706 for a chat or email

For more information, please visit www.binglybongly.net/events/

what the press have said...

"...binglybongly is a collective of musicians, artists, designers and DJs with a holistic approach to clubland.

binglybongly sees music as a stress reliever and healer. Bringing a festival vibe to the inner city, an hour can be spent thrashing about to a melting pot of funky licks and harder-edged tech house before strolling off to get massage therapy..."  Metro

"...their holistic style rave up gathers momentum, spreading from the small confines of the Spitz (and) in with the big boys. The music is as therapeutic as the in-house massages; upbeat, uplifing with fonky percussion..."  Time Out

binglybongly was voted 11th in the top 75 ultimate nights out during 2003 by  Mixmag

what people have said...

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you have done. Everybody was very impressed with your music. You created such a great atmosphere to complement the art. My guests feel so relaxed that it was hard to get them out at 10pm." Lada Komarova, Gazprom Gallery, Kingston upon Thames (October 2005)

"It was a revelation to see how such well-chosen music can communicate to people and its holistic and therapeutic effect - so much more so than I had previously realised." Fiona Ross (SBN) (July 2004)

"Thanks again to all of you, you were GREAT." Lucy Davies & the Hackney Garden team.


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