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Since 2001 binglybongly productions has gained a great deal of experience designing and producing a variety of events ranging from club nights, one-day festivals and corporate events to local community events and weddings. We'd like to share this wealth of experience with you and work alongside you to enhance your future projects.

We can do as much or as little as your require. We can provide music tailored to your requirements from ambient background music to dance and party music. We can turn an empty building into a magical arena with amazing decor and stunning visuals. We can supply a high-quality sound system and staging to feature live music.

Alternatively we can subtly stylise an existing venue to complement your company's house style and image.

So, if you like the idea of our producing and designing an innovative event for you - with amazing decor, energising, uplifting music, and with a uniquely creative approach - then please drop us a line . You'll probably like it...

what they've said...

"I would like to say how great it was to work with a DJ who so perfectly understood our requirements for an event that needed quite a specialist soundtrack. The music that he provided was totally in line with our objectives and ensured that the atmosphere throughout the evening was always perfectly pitched."
Sarah Cousins ( Boutique Creative for Bacardi )

"It was a revelation to see how such well-chosen music can communicate to people and its holistic and therapeutic effect - so much more so than I had previously realised."
Fiona Ross ( Shoreditch Business Network)

"The binglybongly collective has been putting on great parties in London for a while now, starting at the Spitz and now regularly transforming (part of) the vast SeOne venue into a party playground. There's music across three rooms from upbeat eclectic in room one, deep techy house in room two and a downtempo third room complete with holistic massage and stunning visuals throughout."
DJ magazine March 2004

"Not content with having a memorable name, binglybongly also attempts to stand out from the crowd with a left of centre attitude to the clubbing experience..."

"binglybongly has been set up to do more than just put on your standard monthly club nights, hoping to promote the positive qualities of upbeat, uplifting music and its ability to help us cope with the stresses of everyday living. Admirable aims indeed!"

images from some of our events

click on thumbnail to view larger image. If you would like a full size copy of any of the images, email with the picture name/number, and we'll oblige. Full size images are typically 2.8 - 3.0 Mb in size.

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binglybongly is primarily about positive, energising music of many genres. We provide custom music programming, DJs, finished musical mixes and compilations for any event or environment. In addition we can transform a location into a magical arena with amazing décor, lighting, visuals and entertainment.

We do what we love!

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