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Welcome to binglybongly well-being

Knowledge is power!

The purpose of this section of the site is to inform, stimulate and inspire a healthier attitude to ourselves, each other and our environment.

One of our founders was very ill from September 1997 to December 1999; throughout that time he listened to some vibrant, energising music which he found played a vital part in helping him recover. He wanted to share his experiences, so that's how binglybongly productions came about.

We’re featuring tips, quotations, articles, images, games, useful addresses and more. The sources are all credited, and links provided for you to follow up our leads and get more information for yourself.

We're covering topics such as how to survive stress at work, coping with exams, relationships, families etc. and we’ll publish advice, tips, articles and interviews that we gather.

We aim to establish links with other web sites relating to both music and health/well-being. We are also establishing working relationships with professional health bodies, music charities and institutions.

In addition we are developing workshops, which will explore the relationship between the mind and body using music as the vehicle. These may include therapeutic body work as well as practical music-making.

We will be updating this section frequently, so we’re interested in hearing about new writings on music & health that you may come across elsewhere. Please
contact us if you have anything you think we should share.

We’re happy to share any information you find on our site, as long as you let us know where it will be used, and if it is for publication, please give us a credit.

We think music is a powerful healing tool - this site aims to put you in touch with scientific information and common sense about all aspects of wellbeing - as well as information about the part music can play in keeping us healthy.

Relax, have fun and don’t worry, be happy!

Love from the binglybongly team.

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Regular features, general, Seasonal, stress, recipes

Guest editorials

Articles on music & wellbeing- testimonials, definitions

Music & Science/medical evidence: topics e.g. music & babies, sleeping, healing music

Healing Treatments

Therapist Directory

Upcoming events e.g. singing workshop

Reviews e.g. books, cds, events, workshops, videos etc.



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If you have anything to share about how music has helped you in any way, or maybe just some observations about life in general, please get in touch.


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