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BinglyBongly presents Native Horizon
at the inSpiral Lounge, Camden Lock:

BinglyBongly will be bouncing along to the InSpiral Lounge, in association with the WorldShift 2012 Alliance, for a night of eclectic beats and funky treats, informative ideas and a transformational message.

In a collaborative effort, BinglyBongly brings its distinctive brand of uplifting, positive party to the InSpiral Lounge - featuring a live show from Native Horizon, and music from BinglyBongly DJs.

The other half of the team, WorldShift 2012 Alliance, is a new global movement dedicated to co-creating the foundations of a peaceful, just and sustainable world by the end of 2012. With presentations and visual delectations throughout the night, there's plenty in store.

Native Horizon is Herbert Newbert's world electro band, taking in Mediterranean, Arabic and African vibes and mixing them all together in his rather sizeable music-pot. The live show features flamenco guitar, enchanting vocal melodies from Noa, lively percussion from Jon and Sean, and a whole bunch of electronic stuff.

So, join us at the inSpiral Lounge to boogie to some of the finest music, find out more about a number of WorldShift events, activities, social enterprise spin-offs and what you can do to help.

And even though you'll probably want to dance all night, you can sample the legendary InSpiral cuisine when you take a breather (but don't eat and dance at the same time, you'll give yourself indigestion).

Clearly a match made in, well, right here in London actually!

See you there :-)

great venue

superb music :)

bar serving wholesome food & drinks

outside smoking area


Native Horizon * live band *


Sean Spindrift

Herbert Newbert

Jon Bongly

Pete Ardron

Video projections from Worldshift 2012.

The binglybongly/Worldshift 2012 evening
Saturday 12th December

8pm till 2am

The inSpiral Lounge
250 Camden High Street
London NW1 8QS

here's a map

Tube: Camden Town

Car Parking - Some parking is available on nearby streets.

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Worldshift 2012
There is no doubt we are in a state of global social, economic and environmental emergency.

But with such a crisis, there comes an opportunity for transformational change. WorldShift 2012 is a clarion call for action towards a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

For more, see
Initiated by the Club of Budapest, representing living legends including the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Peter Gabriel, Paolo Coelho, Deepak Chopra, Bianca Jagger, Mohammed Yunus, Ervin Laszlo and Barbara Marx Hubbard, WorldShift 2012 seeks to galvanise the support of enlightened organisations and committed individuals and to offer them clear routes to engaging in the transformational process so urgently required.

Join us at inSpiral Lounge to find out more about a number of WorldShift events, activities and social enterprise spin-offs and what you can do to help.