Events, some of which may be collaborative, feature DJs, percussion, live acoustic and electronic music of diverse genres, performance art and installations, visual arts, food, and some trading stalls.

The main focus of the company is the production and distribution of music compilations. Other activities consist mainly of events principally in London but with the aim of becoming mobile and transferable.

Launch parties and other happenings will initially be organised in indoor venues and later in outdoor locations.

The people involved are instrumental in creating products which have a long shelf life. New areas of activity will develop organically with the growth of the project. We are building a company which can be relied upon to satisfy the wishes of its customers, and to design associated events and merchandise to a high standard. It is also FUN to do.

The web site includes a discussion forum, a wellbeing section, points of contact with the company, a listening post and trading point for the binglybongly music label. There will also be a database of members, friends and audiences, an area where collaborators will be featured and a communication vehicle from which the company will reach a larger audience nationally and internationally.

Other events also use the binglybongly identity and resources.

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