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july 12
barge bash 2
at the
Battersea Barge



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june 14
Launch of
at the
Battersea Barge

december 31 '08
binglybongly new year's bash
at the 491 gallery

april 18 '08
the synergy project
at seOne london

december 31 '07
binglybonkers new year's eve
at the 491 gallery

wed july 18 '07
Flower Show
at St Mary's Secret Garden

wed july 18 '07
Shoreditch Map launch
at the Spitz from 6.30pm

march 24/25
a binglybongly spring roll
at the 491 gallery

fri nov 24
pics of
the synergy project
at seOne London

sun 10 sept
Sofa Sundaze
at the 491 gallery

wed july 25
Thrive flower show
at St Mary's Garden

fri mar 10
pics of
the synergy project
at seOne london

sun feb 26
the mellout
inn on the green
ladbroke grove

being human
Hackney Empire

Thrive Flower Show
St Mary's Garden

the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

sat june 18
at Jamm, Brixton

being human
at the Spitz

june 4
the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

fri april 29
deep down & bongly
at the Synergy Project

sat april 2
the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

fri feb 25
the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

fri dec 17
the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

sat nov 20
the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

thurs sept 30
the good, the bad, & the bongly
at the Foundry

sun sept 19
shoreditch carnival

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binglybongly's first collaboration with the Synergy Project, Friday 29th April 2005, occurred at sEOne, Weston Street, London SE1, 10pm - 8am.

London's most diverse, creative and progressive night returns with 5 rooms of eclectic multimedia from the cream of London's creative underground. With two rooms of dance music, live music performances, wholefood cafes, healing, performance art, drama, poetry, drum circle and the friendliest of vibes.

Review by Stephane Cony...

Ever onwards on the quest to bring rhythm, invention and eclectic diversity to the scene, binglybongly occupied Deep Blue at SE1 for Synergy's latest congress of like-mindedness before the festival season begins.

The Deep Blue rooms usually used for chilling in ambient landscapes were in effect revolutionised, revigorated by binglybongly's contribution to the bigger picture, within the arena of interactiveness, which is the fundamental raison d'etre of this mini festival under the arches of London Bridge.

It was a wicked night for the binglybongly crew. Jon Bongly with his usual percussion, married himself successfully to that spirit of interactiveness as he kept the beat going alongside the Deejays throughout the night.

By the time I got there, Vix and Mishkin were at the helm and doing a grand job. Special mention to Fluffy Lynn and Minky who saw the best of the action, as the club reached it's point of saturation. The place was busy, happy and rocking everywhere and Deep Blue never ceased to be packed. So much so that the bar didn't actually close...

There was a definite place for this holiday from the usual Psy-Trance and "live-accoustic" sets on offer at Synergy. Shame there isn't any space at this point to add a load of ambient DJs into the equation, by placing them in the third and last arch. That's the room that Synergy usually uses for healing purposes. It has potential for that if the Binglyness can prevail and return to these hallowed arches.

Some of us remember well how lovely it was at the Spitz, to have that option of other refreshments apart from the ubiquitus water and booze that is usually the standard fare at these events. It's a soothing pleasure late in the morning to have a cuppa isn't it?! (It finishes at 8am after all.)


binglybongly in Deep Blue:

The backroom arches, known as Deep Blue, featured the upbeat, uplifting energy of binglybongly - with a quite interesting (;-) environment in which to explore different realms of dance from eclectic beats to funky house and breaks.

You might have been amazed by the stunning decor, mesmerised by the incredible music and visuals, and hopefully you felt at home in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Providing the musical variety were:

Kate Sure, Fluffy Lynn, Minky, Vix & Mishkin, and the Breaks Alliance, with tribal Egyptian dancing by Katie from Ankhenespepi and live percussion from mr. bongly and the bounce.

Décor by
Fabricate, visuals by Jaime Rory Lucy.

Also occurring in the other spaces within seOne...

In the Blue Arch:

ID Spiral, known for their magical chill out environments full of diversity and care, join forces with Hafla, a grassroots organization promoting peace in the Middle East through creative means. Artists from both Jewish and Arab backgrounds perform back to back in a twirling, melting flow of live music, poetry, visuals and dance - set against a psychedelic background from ID Spiral artists.

Performing Live

Emunah - a vibrant mix of hip-hop, dub reggae and folk.

Avivit - a blend of ethnic and western influences full of spiritual content.

Amber Twist - weaving a delicate tapestry of ambient textures and Saharan melodies.

Cell - deeply psychedelic chill with an ethnic global feel.

Kaya Project (Interchill Records) - second album preview.

DJs Amber and Mudra

Performers :

Deborah - middle eastern belly dancer

Tribalkinesis - global dance fusion

Visuals by Inside Us All, Uncle Calve and Indigo Studios

In the main room:

Indigenous People and Survival International present :

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers from Ghana

Launching their 2005 UK tour, Ghana's finest return with their unique blend of traditional rhythms and chants from across West Africa.

Accompanied by "Images of Jamestown", a video installation by Chris Inomad exploring the social context of contemporary and traditional music in Ghana.


Ancestral Invocation by Southwark Shaman John Crow

DJs :

Monkey Pilot (Whirl-y-Gig) A journey through the world of global trance

and funky, uplifting, melodic psy-trance from

Tron (Mexico)

Dark Angel (Project Ozma)

Liquid Ross (Liquid Records)

All within an environment of immersive images from Survival International, raising awareness of the plight of endangered tribal peoples.

In the Cream Arch:

Peace Not War Live Room

Featuring diverse styles of radical music from the legendary Peace Not War compilation CDs.

Fundamental (Asian Break-beats)

Gertrude (female post-punk orchestra)

MC D (the original UK political rapper)

Carpetface (soulful funk)

DJ Rubbish (drum&bass + garage)

Angel (R&B + freestyles)

The Unpeople (deep Hiphop)

DJ DisOrientalist (reggae + Arabic flavas)

Pok (psychedelic folk with Mandola)

Double Negative (radical breaks and rhymes)

DJ Mr Cris (old skool reggae)

+ live graffiti & VJ projections

The Peace Not War music project is inspiring the new international movement opposing war and making peace. This independent grassroots crew stage protest concerts, release compilation CDs and broadcast on the internet. By sidestepping the censorship of the music industry, the DIY global distribution of radical anti-war music of all genres creates hope and energy for peace. The project supports grassroots activism : peace groups sell the CDs to raise funds for themselves. Everyone playing at Synergy, along with both compilation CDs, can be listened to for free on the unique on-line Peace Jukebox. http://www.peace.fm

In the Gallery:

The Interdimensional Circus


The Interdimensional Art Movement

Visionary Art Gallery, featuring live painting by Tribe 13 (Seattle)

With performances and poetics from :

Paradox and the Post Historic Players

IFly and Sporadic MagicLive

Sacred Dance by Antakarana

Roots4Life presents Venus œn Gravity & the Cirkus of Iz

Walkabout, Stilt Creatures, Clowns and funky groovers

Video Projetions by Zuvuaya 59

13 Moon Galatic Activation and Ceremony

Hosted by the Planet Art Network, Avalon Rising, Hunab Ku Herbal Shamaix plus the Earthheart Tea Temple and Elixir Bar

The seOne club

Friday 29th April 2005 10pm - 8am

SEOne, Weston Street, London SE1



tickets £13 + booking fee or £15 on the door

£10 concessionary price with valid and current proof.

Online tickets available at:


117 Kentish Town Road

telephone bookings:
020 7267 8320

also at:

Psychedelic Dream Temple - Camden Market 0207 267 8528

Namaste Holistic Centre - Camberwell 0207 703 5121

More info on all of our events can be found in the left-hand menu.


from DJ magazine:

The binglybongly collective has been putting on great parties in London for a while now, starting at the Spitz and now regularly transforming (part of) the vast SeOne venue into a party playground... ...stunning visuals throughout.

The interaction or cooperation of agents, organisations etc to produce a new or enhanced effect compared to their separate effects.

Synergy is an environmental and cultural information network, creating spaces where those working on the cutting edge of cultural and social expression combine, using a variety of media, to conceive a place where creative energies are liberated and the spiritual dimension of our lives is unveiled.

Synergy is an umbrella organisation that seeks to bring together a wide variety or organisations in the fields of cultural, environmental and development education to work together towards common goals, pooling expertise and resources to achieve a wider and deeper impact than they would otherwise in isolation.


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